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Adriano 1

Adriano 1


Adriano 1

With this project Tore Tom Denys wants to return to his roots in Roeselare and pay homage to one of the greatest composers of polyphonic music in Roeselare's history: Adriaan Willaert.

Together with the members of his ensemble Dionysos Now!, he wants to plan a trajectory to have a contemporary reflection of his most striking signature works in 2022 - 460 years after the death of Adriaan Willaert.

For many, Adriaan Willaert is not a complete stranger, but his extensive and versatile oeuvre rarely appears in concert programmes or on CD recordings. The relative unfamiliarity with the oeuvre of the Flemish but world-renowned polyphonists is at the root of the fact that their names do not dare to be mentioned in the same breath as those of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven. Wrongly.

As a famous composer and renowned educator, Willaert gathered around him a wide circle of pupils and friends, both Italians and Flemish and Dutch, so that he can be considered the "founder of the Venetian school", an epithet that is fully justified.

Willaert's oeuvre is extremely extensive: 150 motets, vespers, hymns and psalms, eight masses of chansons madrigals.


1. Missa Mittit ad Virginem: I. Kyrie Eleison (03:41) - A. Willaert
2. Missa Mittit ad Virginem: II. Gloria (04:44) - A. Willaert
3. Missa Mittit ad Virginem: III. Credo (08:04) - A. Willaert
4. Missa Mittit ad Virginem: IV. Sanctus - Benedictus (05:35) - A. Willaert
5. Missa Mittit ad Virginem: V. Agnus Dei (05:54) - A. Willaert
6. Mittit ad Virginem: Choral Hymnus (03:37) - A. Willaert
7. Mittit ad Virginem: Motet (09:52) - A. Willaert
8. O Gloriosa Domina: Motet (04:46) - A. Willaert
9. Ave Maria: Motet (04:08) - A. Willaert
10. Beata Viscera: Motet (03:50) - A. Willaert

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