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Adriano 2

Adriano 2


Adriano 2

Dionysos Now! releases their second album Adriano 2 as part of the Adriaen Willaert Series. The album contains the Missa Sex Vocum Benedicta Es. As a wonderful extra, a concertfilm of the album will be released on Evil Penguin TV. Watch a sneak peek below.

The warm reception and the positive feedback Dionysos Now! received following the release of their debut album Adriano 1 have inspired them to dive further into the unexplored work of this Flemish master. The fascination with Adriaen Willaert’s almost infinitely radiant oeuvre led them to this beautiful, polyphonic monument of a Mass.

The combination with the other works on this LP is not accidental: it illustrates how the composer was also very aware of what was happening musically in Venice outside the church walls of the St. Marco basilica. He turned popular songs, called Canzone Villanesche, into four-part gems that do not leave anyone unmoved to this day.

In June 2021 Adriano 1 was released. To accompany Adriano 1 and 2, Dionysos Now! released The Adrianotes. This artbook pays homage to the great 16th-century composer Willaert with song texts, literature, poetry, philosophy, and 12 works of art. They also contain download links to the high-resolution audio of both albums. Even more, both were recorded as immersive (Dolby Atmos) audio to give you the ultimate listening experience. Available on Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon!


1. Missa Benedicta es: I. Kyrie Eleison (03:45)
2. Missa Benedicta es: II. Gloria (05:22)
3. Missa Benedicta es: III Credo (07:24)
4. Missa Benedicta es: IV. Sanctus (05:37)
5. Missa Benedicta es: V. Agnus Dei (03:35)
6. Regina Caeli: Motet (01:10)
7. Kyrie Cunctipotens Genitor Deus (05:58)
8. Maria Mater Domini: Motet (06:35)
9. O dolce vita mia: Villanesche (05:09)
10. A quand’a quand’haveva: Villanesche (02:31)
11. Passa la nave: Madrigal (04:38)
12. In diebus illis: Motet (05:04)
13. Venator lepores: Motet (05:20)
14. la fontaine du prez: Chanson (02:23)

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