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L. Boccherini: Arie da Concerto

L. Boccherini: Arie da Concerto


L. Boccherini: Arie da Concerto

On this recording of Boccherini’s Arie da Concerto, the Belgian ensemble Capriola di Gioia defies the stubborn stereotyping of Boccherini as the gallant master of unsurpassable but insignificant melodies. Close listening to this marvellous music reveals a genius with a profound understanding of human psychology, and a rich harmonic palette to paint the smallest affective nuances. In these arias, Boccherini is rehabilitated as a true heir of Händel, a worthy contemporary to Haydn, and an early precursor of the belcanto of Bellini.


1. Caro padre, a me non dei (08:55) - L. Boccherini
2. Care luci, che regnate (08:42) - L. Boccherini
3. Se non ti moro allato (08:05) - L. Boccherini
4. Misera, dove son! - Ah! non son io che parlo (08:59) - L. Boccherini
5. Deh, respirar lasciatemi (08:29) - L. Boccherini
6. Tu di saper procura (09:01) - L. Boccherini
7. Se d'un amor tiranno (13:03) - L. Boccherini

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