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Lignes Claires

Lignes Claires


Lignes Claires

Up to now, piano prodigy Julien Libeer (°1987) has – quite surprisingly – been able to steer clear of the (inter)national spotlights, in spite of being widely recognized as one of the world’s most astonishing talents. In 2010, at the tender age of 20, he was nominated “Young musician of the year” by the Belgian music press, and in the same year he received the prestigious Juventus Award –previously awarded to later icons like Piotr Anderszewski and Emmanuel Pahud. Since then, he has performed on stages like the Palau de la Musica Catalana (Barcelona), Barbican Hall (London), and the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), often in series typically reserved for more “weathered” virtuosi. According to Maria João Pires, whose patronage and partnership he has enjoyed since 2012, “Julien Libeer is the complete musician who fuses true understanding, a solid intellectual approach, and an infallible instinct for the impalpable.” It is characteristic for his belief that “good exists, but good enough does not” that Julien Libeer has waited until his 27th to issue his first solo recording. On his upcoming debut album entitled Lignes Claires, Libeer lays bare the luminous lines in the music of his favourite composers, exploring the reticent sensibility in Ravel’s Tombeau de Couperin and Valses nobles et sentimentales, and the haunting hypnotism and delicate understatement in the Nocturne and Sonatine by the Romanian piano prodigy Dinu Lipatti (1917-1950).


1. Valses nobles et sentimentales Modéré (01:21) - M. Ravel
2. Valses nobles et sentimentales Assez lent (02:36) - M. Ravel
3. Valses nobles et sentimentales Modéré (01:40) - M. Ravel
4. Valses nobles et sentimentales Assez animé (01:13) - M. Ravel
5. Valses nobles et sentimentales Presque lent (01:26) - v
6. Valses nobles et sentimentales Vif (00:45) - M. Ravel
7. Valses nobles et sentimentales Moins vif (02:50) - M. Ravel
8. Valses nobles et sentimentales Épilogue (lent) (04:27) - M. Ravel
9. Nocturne (04:08) - D. Lipatti
10. Sonatine pour la main gauche Allegro (02:21) - D. Lipatti
11. Sonatine pour la main gauche Andante espressivo (03:56) - D. Lipatti
12. Sonatine pour la main gauche Allegro (03:10) - D. Lipatti
13. Le tombeau de Couperin Prélude (03:01) - M. Ravel
14. Le tombeau de Couperin Fugue (03:07) - M. Ravel
15. Le tombeau de Couperin Forlane (06:53) - M. Ravel
16. Le tombeau de Couperin Rigaudon (03:26) - M. Ravel
17. Le tombeau de Couperin Menuet (05:48) - M. Ravel
18. Le tombeau de Couperin Toccata (03:57) - M. Ravel

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