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Maistre Jhan - Live 2

Maistre Jhan - Live 2


Maistre Jhan - Live 2
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Polyphonic ensemble Dionysos Now! is not sitting still. As an extra to the Adriaen Willaert Series, they release a second live recording of work by Maistre Jhan. After the first live recording of Missa Inviolata, now follows a series of sacred motets and secular madrigals.

Maistre Jhan, a French composer, worked from 1512 at the court of Ferrara for the Duke Ercole d'Este (and later for Alfonso d'Este). First as a singer, then as Kapellmeister, and remained there until his death in 1538. With this recording Dionysos Now! presents Maistre Jhan's compositorial styles. On the on hand, his sacred music alternating imitative and homophonic passages, similar to his contemporary Josquin Deprez. And on the other hand, his secular music showing similarities to the work of Philippe Verdelot. A renaissance master rediscovered...


1. O Maria piissima
2. Funde preces
3. O, pater optime
4. Caeli Deus
5. Ditemi, o diva mia
6. Ma donna, i preghi miei
7. S’io miro ogni bellezza
8. Deh, perche non e in voi
9. Per aspri boschi
10. Madonna io v’amo

This music is only digitally available.

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