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Missa Inviolata

Missa Inviolata


Missa Inviolata

Polyphonic ensemble Dionysos Now! is not sitting still. As an extra to the Adriaen Willaert Series, they release a live recording of Maistre Jhan's Missa Inviolata. The mass was live recorded in Mauerbach, Austria.

Maistre Jhan, a French composer, worked from 1512 at the court of Ferrara for the Duke Ercole d'Este (and later for Alfonso d'Este). First as a singer, then as Kapellmeister, and remained there until his death in 1538. The title of the mass 'Inviolata' refers to the model on which the mass is built: the well-known motet by his contemporary Josquin Deprez 'Inviolata, integra et casta es Maria'. Several musical themes from the motet are quoted in the mass, as a tribute to his fellow musician.

Design of the artwork is based on 'zonnebloem' (2004) by Francky Cane.


1. Missa Inviolata: I. Kyrie (Live) (03:59)
2. Missa Inviolata: II. Gloria (Live) (05:40)
3. Missa Inviolata: III. Credo (Live) (10:40)
4. Missa Inviolata: IV. Sanctus (Live) (01:43)
5. Missa Inviolata: V. Agnus Dei (Live) (03:43)

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