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Scriabin - Symphony No. 2

Scriabin - Symphony No. 2

EPRC 0061 - Brussels Philharmonic

Scriabin - Symphony No. 2

“For me, Scriabin holds a central and unique role among composers. He is the first composer to engage deeply with mysticism, exploring its nuances through his music and offering us profound answers.” - Kazushi Ono

Can a composer like Alexander Scriabin be associated with any tradition at all, given the uniqueness of his musical language? Initially focusing on piano compositions, Scriabin later expanded to larger orchestral works, crafting five symphonies between 1899 and 1910. A noticeable evolution in composition unfolds, as Scriabin transitions from a late Romantic style to a more modernistic approach, drawing inspiration from symbolist poetry and philosophical figures. Envisioning himself as a musical messiah aiming to change the world, his Second Symphony provides a glimpse into this eccentric vision.


Symphony No. 2 in C minor, Op. 29:
- I. Andante
- II. Allegro
- III. Andante
- IV. Tempestoso
- V. Maestoso

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