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Ton Sur Ton

Ton Sur Ton


Ton Sur Ton

For this CD, Vlaams Radiokoor has collected, with the help of their audience, a few of the most beautiful works from the rich choral repertoire. The result is like an exhibition in which singers emerge from silence, painting with music, note upon note, colour upon colour, tone upon tone.

The colour palette seems endless, and each painting tells a story, with abstract notes and sounds, that is serene or restless, that can delight us or, on the contrary, make us sad. The spectrum of emotions is endless.


1. Messe pour double choeur I. Kyrie (05:10) - F. Martin
2. Magnificat (05:41) - A. Pärt
3. O Magnum Mysterium (06:48) - M. Lauridsen
4. Wie liegt die Stadt so wüst (06:41) - R. Mauersberger
5. Agnus Dei (07:21) - S. Barber
6. Hampstead Heath (06:49) - M. van Ingelghem
7. Never pain to tell thy love (02:23) - K. Bikkembergs
8. Take Him, Earth, for Cherishing (08:52) - H. Howells
9. Un soir de neige (06:20) - F. Poulenc

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