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Les Métamorphoses Orchestra

Inspired by the work of Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Sir Roger Norrington, the instrumentalists of the Les Métamorphoses orchestra have given themselves the task of creating a sonority that is most suited to this era by combining modern and early instruments (natural horns and trumpets, early kettledrums, double bass with gut strings etc.).


Founded by Camille and Raphaël Feye, the ensemble is made up of musicians chosen for their commitment and interest in historically informed practice and performance.


Download the album in high-resolution MP3 or FLAC files.


Immerse yourself in the world of Weinberg and Les Métamorphoses by watching these wonderful video's. Every film was merged perfectly with Peter De Bruyne's visual art to create an atmosphere which fits Weinberg's music.

Les Métamorphoses & Pieter Wispelwey - Weinberg

Les Métamorphoses & Pieter Wispelwey - Weinberg

Peter De Bruyne

When I was looking for a photographer to illustrate and illuminate the music of Mieczysław Weinberg, one glance at Peter De Bruyne’s work sufficed to realise he was the obvious person, as his work seemed to me to be entirely devoid of the influence of the moment and the expression of a singular sensitivity. Peter could have been a painter, a sculptor or a musician; his poetry never takes a definitive shape. Photographic film for him is a circumstance not a condition. The unique graininess of his images plunges us into a profoundly nostalgic world that time forgot, both dream-like and real. I find these same qualities in Weinberg’s compositions in which there is great tenderness and subtle felicity, shrouded by a feeling of melancholy behind which it shields.

- Camille Feye


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