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The next era of music has arrived.

Evil Penguin

4 Mar 2022

Evil Penguin Classic takes a leading role in the roll-out of immersive audio with two new releases.

Evil Penguin Classic will unleash its first two immersive relays in March. Are you new to this or already anticipating this technical innovation?

In recent months, you might perhaps have read a lot about 3D audio, but probably very little of it was about the music itself. Mostly we are bombarded with technical information and remixes of old recordings or recordings that were not conceived for 3D audio. We will definitely spare you that!

Evil Penguin does not take any chances with its 3D audio releases. We have been working for three years with PXL-Music, a university of applied sciences and arts in Belgium that carries out intensive research on everything that falls within the realm of immersive music. What is unique about this research group is that it only focuses on composition, production, recording and the mixing of 3D audio, meaning that the team is able to transcend the technology and only use it as a necessary evil.

One of the researchers, Steven Maes, is also senior recording engineer at Evil Penguin. He has spent the last three years working intensively on the development of microphone placement and choice of equipment. In addition, he has developed a mix vocabulary that immerses the listener in music and literally surrounds them with sound. Whereas CD recordings used to be a postcard of a live performance, you will now notice that this new way of experiencing music becomes an emotional situation that almost matches a live performance or, in some cases, even exceeds it.

According to Maes, there are two choices: either to bring reality to life or to surround the listener with sounds and incorporate the composition into the mix. Daring sometimes, but always exciting.

The first two releases of Evil Penguin Classic are clear textbook examples of the two different approaches. You can listen to the records in immersive audio on Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon.

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